In MYBIESTMILCHWORLD I am talking about acute conditions vs chronic conditions with the inflammation in its core - the deepest rift in medicine and a topic with blurry borders


MY BIESTMILCH WORLD or what it is basically about


Our Western health systems are all - only with slight nuances - driven by the mindset of the acute events. Medicine hits the wall when it comes to the chronic conditions, and, we have uncountable many of them. I'll spare enough space for the chronic issues on this site.

My viewpoint: don't mix it up.

Without the glowing inner core of the earth, all life is unthinkable. It is the fire of wellbeing with self-healing eruptions necessary from time to time that the system remains in balance.
All of us are familiar with inflammations, but first of all with the acute aspects of it.




With inflammation we dive into the murky turbulent currents of the stream of science.The complexity and dynamics of the phenomenon make it hard to grasp and place in time. Before jumping into the currents’ jungle trying to find a path through the thicket I want to start a definition of the inflammation we are all familiar with, it is the acute inflammation.


When we talk about inflammation, we usually have an acute localized visible process in front of our eyes. What we see is the redness and the swelling, what we feel is the heat and the pain, and what bothers us is the loss of function.


This inflammatory process begins with an injury, an incident that disrupts the integrity of a tissue, let’s assume the skin. What happens is, that capillaries burst, fluid leaks, cells and soluble molecules access the tissue, substances enter the area that usually don’t reside in the injured tissue. They unfold their activity and cause what we are used to call inflammation.


They enter the area for healing purposes. Healing is the process which sustains the integrity of our body and finally of our lives, and is deeply rooted in the inflammation. Inflammation can have many faces. About these manifold faces I am going to talk on this site.

The acute inflammation can remain localized or spread-out in the body. The worst case scenario medicine calls whole body inflammation, and often ends unfortunately with the death. Usually this is not the case. If immunity is intact injuries, traumas, infections are healing by itself. If of bacterial origin antibiotics may be necessary. Otherwise caring of immunity by a healthy lifestyle is the best option to be safe and well.


If an acute inflammation that is deteriorating, it displays the dysfunction of the super systems of regulation, the nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system (hormones).


The acute illnesses are mostly in good hands, when the physicians' skills are good. Things become tricky, if a condition slowly slowly turns chronic. The chronic inflammation is the curse of our times. We have to be aware of the fact that there is no illness without an inflammation, and that there is no healing without it.

My viewpoint is, that what holds us together deep inside, is the inflammation. It is a sentinel of wellbeing and a balanced life. Inflammation as a body state is a phenomenon that emerges from tightly orchestrated interactions among the nervous system, the immune system, the hormones and the metabolism.


I am going to talk a lot about this topic, my earnest concern, on the upcoming pages. Inflammation, balance, control, and the underlying network of processes responsible, are what I care about.


This site carries the name of MYBIESTMILCHWORLD, because Biestmilch/Colostrum led me into another world of thinking.
Biestmilch forced me to change my view on the organism and even on life as such. Therefore this substance will always have a voice in what I shall say. This is why MYBIESTMILCHWORLD is a justified choice as a headline of the universe that is going to evolve in this place.


The curiosity for Biestmilch made me see, what I never saw before. It guided me into the world of relations. It taught me that linearity is not able to explain the organism. I had to set out into the world of complexity. This jump into the new opened my mind.

I love crossing borders, and I love to get surprised by what I experience. It helps to lose the fear.

I want to invite you to companion me on this venture without explicit goal.