At this point, a new chapter begins that really warrants separate treatment in a different context. For this reason, only a brief sketch will be given here, for the sake of completeness. Biestmilch is an excellent therapeutic agent for all chronic diseases, and that is something that should not be overlooked here either.

Our immunity influences the most distinct physical and mental phenomena

For more than 100 years, we have tended to regard the immune system as merely a defence and control mechanism. This view of the immune system cannot explain the many immune regulation disorders we find ourselves confronted with today. Instead, this attitude impedes our view of any new approaches to therapy.


Our immunity has an impact on a whole host of different physical and mental phenomena such as pain, appetite, sleep, tiredness, exhaustion, motivation, fever, inflammation, healing, metabolism, allergies, a-topical eczema, asthma, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammatory bowel disease and much more besides.


This potpourri of symptoms, feelings and diagnoses can only be comprehended in relation to the immune system if we consider the immune system as a regulatory system and immunity as a physiological state engendered by it. This makes it easier to understand the chronic diseases of our time and the reason why Biestmilch deserves a firm place as a remedy in today's world.

Stress impairs immunity – and impaired immunity creates stress


Besides the phenomenon of immuno-regulatory diseases, acute and chronic stress significantly contributes to impairment of our quality of life. All of the prevailing diseases of our society have some stress-related component, because dealing with stressful situations is very exhausting for all systems of the human body. When it reaches the point where the burden of stress causes illness, some form of chronic inflammation is always part of the problem.


People in the privileged position of being able to avoid exposure to stress are very rare. For this reason, the only option most of us have left is to alter our lifestyle accordingly. Biestmilch has the power to have a long-term positive effect on our quality of life. This is where treatment meets prevention.


In every other respect, the same principle mentioned above applies here too: Biestmilch modulates chronic inflammatory conditions and has a long-term positive effect on the course of chronic illnesses. It is one of the very few substances with a holistic healing approach to both immunity and stress levels – a remedy and a foodstuff with no documented side effects.