Regardless of this controversial noisiness, no vaccine in the world works without immunity

Do you agree to get vaccinated because you feel blackmailed by your government? Do you fear you cannot move freely anymore without taking the risk of vaccination?


Do you believe in fact that the vaccination is going to protect you from a deadly contagious disease?


I know this is an extremely hot topic, probably the hottest one since I am alive, a topic where views, opinions, believes, fears, hopes, desperation, ignorance, naivety collide as never before. What is definitely missing is a rational sober discourse.

Science, better let's say bad science, economics, better let's say profit-making and the mafia structures within our societies coming with it, conspiracy theories or all opinions that don't fit into the discourse in power create an uneasy feeling in me.
It was not and it is not my intention to mingle into this murky sticky current of believes and pseudo scientific facts. To take a side in an absolutely irrational discourse does not make any sense, it only makes things worse or even contributes to an escalation that may lead to violence.

This cannot be my aim. I don't want to ignite the fire of revolution by taking one side in this dirty messy current. I am not a missionary either who thinks he or she is right and has the right to indoctrinate the other.


Hence: what one cannot talk about, one should be silent ... according to Ludwig Wittenstein's Tractatus logico-philosophicus.


My aim is not to discuss vaccines and introduce the studies to which defend whatsoever vaccine. You can always accuse me of being biased to what reasons so ever.

Again, my conclusion: I don't talk about this topic. I want to direct your attention towards immunity and the immune system which is the principle actor in creating a robust immunity.

An immune response is much more than only antibody production

Antibodies - molecules resounding throughout the land


I still remember the days, when this term was not familiar to anybody. Until today this did not change, the only difference may be that everybody is talking about this tiny creatures produced by a body cell attributed to the immune system called the plasma cell.


The term antibodies belongs to the antiquated mindset of the immune system as a defense system, antibodies being seen like bullets killing microorganism. A much more suitable term is immunoglobulins, indicating that these molecules play an important role in keeping the body's balance.


The discourse around COVID-19 pushed them right into the center of immunity as if they were the actors per se producing immunity against one name it, in our case SARS-2. This view on immunity is completely wrong.

Cellular Immunity


Amazingly enough, nobody talks about lymphocytes, about the network of T lymphocytes which are the actors in creating the acquired immunity, the herd immunity we are hearing of so often these days.


If you would like to understand immunity in its depth, we have to see the immune system as a complex interactive network of soluble bioactive molecules that communicate with the corresponding sensors/receptors on the surface of the various cells such as the T cells. T cells play a central role in the cellular immunity which is the premise for the production of antibodies or immunoglobulins respectively. These cells are particularly important in the case of virus infections.


The underlying processes for mounting an efficient immune response are complex and complicated, and by far not yet understood by our science, a science which is lacking reliable methods and test systems to scrutinize a complex system like the body of a living being. Considering these "facts" it is not amazing that the discussions around the COVID-19 vaccines are so controversial and irrational.

Immune cells produce antibodies, also called immunoglobulins. A antibody-producing cell - they are called plasma cells - need signals from other cells, at least from T lymphocytes, to start producing antibodies/immunoglobulins.

Please, never forget...


Even if your are a proponent of vaccination, immunity is still essential. Without an intact immune system you cannot mount an immune response and each vaccine has to fail. For this reason we recommend Biestmilch. Biestmilch is a perfect measure to ensure the functionality of your immune system. It makes you stronger in the case of illness and it is effective in preventing to come down with a virus infection including COVID-19.

Immunity emerges from a properly functioning immune system. Vaccination only does not endow you with immunity. It needs a perfectly orchestrated interaction of myriads of cells and signal molecules.


The picture shows you a cell migrating through a membrane to reach the location where a immune response is required.