This Octagon of Biestmilch gives you instant energy without harmful sugars. It contains what your body needs to support the immune system. Immunity is the essential cornerstone for all kinds of perfomance.


The BIEST BOOSTER is as Biestmilch itself food, no overdose, no side-effects documented until today.

The BIEST BOOSTER in its design is unique, its effects are manifold, and full of positive surprises.

Therefore it is always worthwhile to try the BIEST BOOSTER and give it the chance to take effect.

The BIEST BOOSTER is a high-tech and nevertheless a truly natural product.

Biestmilch is colostrum and all natural, so are the 100 mg of caffeine and the sweetener Stevia in the BOOSTER.
The caffeine originates from the natural caffeine extract of the guarana fruit. The slight touch of sweetness emerges from the Stevia plant which grows in North and South Amercia.
The BOOSTER’s matrix is composed of the dextrose derivative Emdex®. What the Booster makes a high-tech product, is the art of combining four grams of powdery Biestmilch with 500 mg of Guarana extract into an edible small shape.


Our idea was to create a product which is able to facilitate the breakthrough of Biestmilch. Back in 2000 when we had just started the marketing of Biestmilch, we fancied already a product which would allow our customers to instantly feel the power of this amazing substance. 


After a couple of years of experience we decided to pick up the idea of »a product for the impatient« again. We knew enough about Biestmilch and its efficacy to finally start developing a unique product with the above mentioned features.

We knew that four grams of Biestmilch lift the spirits and help to improve the general well-being especially in the case of an impaired immunity. Guarana is well known as a natural caffeine extract stimulating cognition. With combining these two substances the basic idea for the BIEST BOOSTER was born and along with it the problems that usually emerge, when moving from theory to practice. 


All of a sudden the Biestmilch powder appeared unruly. Shape, structure, taste, solubility, brittleness and stability... a number of distinct problems suddenly popped up and put our concept to the test.

THE BIEST BOOSTER - 4000 mg powdery fluffy Biestmilch in an edible shape

Firstly, we tried out granules. They were neither edible nor possible to swallow in the respective amount. It foamed and frothed inside the mouth, uneatable. 
Secondly, we experimented with bars containing the 4000 mg of Biestmilch and the 500 mg of Guarana. The gigantic market of bars made us refrain from this formulation, a market too hard for our small business to be penetrated. The BIEST BOOSTER had to be unique, this became our premise. So we moved on to the next testing phase. Several shapes and tablet sizes followed during the next years, the results were ambiguous.
A huge breakthrough for the BOOSTER development was the choice of the matrix Emdex®, a dextrose derivative. After a series of 8 to 10 different kinds we held a product in hand that could be considered for a broader range of testing. The first production of 4200 pieces left the factory in August 2007.


2012 we launched a product promotion. 1200 athletes volunteered. The feedback we received was outstanding. All the years that passed by since, showed that those who once tried the BIEST BOOSTER and felt its immediate positive effects became loyal consumers.

To put it in a nutshell for you:

In the context of endurance sports the BIEST BOOSTER can delay the onset of fatigue and protect the mucosal lining of stomach and gut. 70 to 75% of all athletes suffer from these issues.


Tantamount it is a potent modulator of chronic inflammatory processes, therefore it is  as effective in allergies as it is in infections or chronic illnesses.


A magic tool but no miracle, a product strongly based on natural science beyond the conservative view of linearity, but founded on a relational scientific mindset.