With the Corona virus infection and the associated Long Covid as an aftermath the chronic fatigue syndrome moves into the focus as probably never before. So does the helplessness we face when it comes to therapeutic measures to be taken. In my opinion no medicine can cure this complex phenomenon which causes so much suffering. We have to adjust our lifestyle accordingly. 

May I see the chronic fatigue syndrome as an inflammatory process 
smoldering under the surface of measurable evidence?


Many wellbeing problems are the result of an overstrained stress system. Under the influence of chronic stress, the body can no longer come to rest. Patients suffer from a wide range of disease symptoms. Doctors aren't able to detect anything measurable by their diagnostic options. Readings are often inconclusive and unable to pinpoint the cause of the illness.


And here we are again, hitting the wall with our linear mindset. Regulatory disorders are real, even if we cannot and don't know what to measure and how to measure them. If we have no idea, what to focus on, how can we tackle the problem? Honestly, why don't we accept the symptoms as the tip of the iceberg of a futile healing effort based on a flawed regulation? 


Due to the fact that there is nothing seizable at hand patients are frequently pushed into the psyco corner. Even if it were a psyche issue, this discrimination is by no means justified. I don't agree at all that we split the human being into a physical and psyche part. This schism does not help us at all to understand either wellbing or illness.

Fatigue is thriving on chronic inflammatory soil. The healing efforts of the stress system are futile. The endless turning wheels make us feel exhausted.

Anyone who takes functional disorders and exhaustion symptoms lightly and continues to put pressure on her or himself without allowing for appropriate recovery periods can easily drift into a chronic fatigue syndrome*.

Stress-processing systems cause fatigue due to the permanent strain the body is subjected to. Immunity becomes weakened. Allergies and infections tend to flare up, tissue repair failures occur, or an atopic eczema may be triggered or exacerbated. The autonomous nervous system reacts by malfunctioning in some way, which may manifest itself in the form of blood pressure problems, heart palpitations or irritable bowel syndrome, just to mention a few.


*The distinction between burnout and chronic fatigue is blurry. Maybe we find the consent that chronic fatigue is attributed to the longterm side-effects of a virus infection, a thesis only. I don't differeniate the two here as symptoms are more or less the same and the therapeutic pathways to wellebing too. 

The characteristic symptoms of a general feeling of illness may appear: Flluctuating body temperatures, loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, tiredness, exhaustion, lack of motivation, headaches, joint pain or even back pain...



It is generally hard to detect the reasons for such illnesses – which are fundamentally caused by an overstrained stress system – in a person's medical history. Since that system is part of such a complex network, detecting regulatory loop problems is still more a matter of chance rather than the outcome of a targeted medical examination.


The appropriate treatment options are therefore to be found in holistic therapy approaches such as Biestmilch, herbal mixtures of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), fungi or acupuncture, and moderate workouts depending on the degree of exhasution.

But whether these substances or mixtures can intervene at the respective regulatory disorder is something that can only be determined by trying them out.

Preventing is preferable to treating, lifestyle changes are always possible, and are highly effective.