The BIESTMILCH team is pleased to present the new chewable tablet to you. It no longer contains sorbitol, instead it contains maltodextrin as a matrix for the tablet. We have also improved the feeling of biting and the solubility on the tongue. It also got a little more lemon taste from us. It no longer tastes so flat and boring. We hope that these changes are entirely in your interest.

A dancing body is a healthy body, pay attention to your very own melody

A good example of this phenomenon is the communication among the cells of the heart. The heart doesn't beat regularly. It beats in a melody that is individual for each of us. One speaks of the heart rhythm variability. The more variable the rhythm of our heart, the healthier we are. If we lack rest, the variability decreases. This also applies to the other cells in our body. The cell membranes  lose their flexibility and so its melody. It is as if they only mastered one tone.

The whole organism becomes very rigid. When we are chronically ill, the human organism increasingly loses its own melody.

Prevention is a lifestyle and not preventive medicine


When we are young, the body forgives a lot, both smaller and bigger mishaps, because the potential for recovery, adaptation and change is huge. But the young organism also has its limits. We have to recognize this sadly in the many overweight children with high blood pressure and diabetes. Nevertheless, change is still possible. However, the older you get, the slower the regeneration takes place for the better. We all just become more rigid with age.

Nevertheless: If you try to change your lifestyle consistently for three weeks, i.e. pay attention to eating, exercise, sleep and relaxation, you will notice that you will quickly feel better.


The BIESTMILCH chewable tablet as an integral part of a prevention concept is highly recommended. We should have learned the lesson from prevention with Corona, namely, that prevention is more important than treatment. Biestmilch is foodstuff and can be safely integrated into your own diet plan.


Corona, though an innocent particle, may show us the way to take prevention generally more seriously.


If you already know that a time of stress lies ahead of you, or extraordinary workload is waiting for you, then you should not forget to start a 3-month course with chewable tablets before you get into trouble.


In this case prevention is preferable too because stress increases the risk for a wide range of illnesses. Actually, I have to say that every illness that we know today has a stress component.


If you take BIESTMILCH chewable tablets regularly once a day, this alone is a valuable contribution to not getting sick.


Examples of diseases that tend to break through or recur under stress: spread of an allergy to other organs, herpes virus infections, periodontitis, acne, head colds, reactivation of chronic diseases, etc.


In our everyday work as well as in our free time, we often pay too little attention to our recovery. In many cases we don't really know what we should actually do to relax thoroughly. In sports, one speaks more of recovery, in everyday life we usually call this process in the body relaxation.

Regeneration is a highly active phase for the body bulid-up. Without these times of recovery, we will become increasingly vulnerable to disease.


The degradation processes dominate during all kind of activities and especially heavy workload. Blood cortisol and catecholamine levels rise and the inflammatory components of the immune system are activated. In contrast, regeneration is the time for cell and tissue repair and replication. In this phase, the energy is urgently needed for protein synthesis. The immune system is at the center of the energy distribution.


BIESTMILCH chewable tablets with their inflammatory and immune modulating potential are able to influence recovery extremely positively and accelerate this process. Since Biestmilch (colostrum) is a food, it is harmless to take. The amount taken is independent of body weight and age.


In any case, decide for three months. The body absolutely needs this time to optimize the regenerative processes.

Allergy is an inflammatory disease - allergens are the triggers not the cause of the allergy. Hygiene is not the solution to the problem.

Allergy is one of the most common diseases in the western hemisphere. It is so common that we no longer perceive it as an illness, but as a condition that we have to deal with.

I deliberately do not differentiate between the different allergies here, because they are all depending on the genetic disposition diseases of the immune system, which are based on chronic inflammation with acute flare-ups.

The history of the allergy is complex and has been the subject of controversy to this day. Every allergy differs in nuances. In addition to the earliest interactions of the infant with its environment, its relationship with the mother in the womb and its own genetic makeup play an important role. So it takes much more than an allergen to develop an allergy.


BIESTMILCH chewable tablets are very well suited to bring your allergic deregulated immune system into a more stable balance over time (with regular intake). Allergic symptoms usually become weaker under BIESTMILCH, as the inflammatory processes calm down. A new balance is created on a more robust level.

VIRAL INFECTIONS: Common symptoms are lack of motivation, fatigue, lassitude, mood swings, headache, body aches, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, fever etc. 

These symptoms are non-specific and the virus remains unknown.


In cases of unspecific viral infections we rarely undertake the effort to identify the virus in the everyday medical practice. The reason is usually that the treatment measures do not differ and, like the symptoms, are very unspecific.
First and foremost, we have to look after our immune system. If it is fit, we usually don't get sick or get well quickly. We are usually immune after a asymptomatic or mild infection. Case solved.


BIESTMILCH chewable tablets are ideally suited to adapting the immune system to dealing with viruses and thus saving us from a serious infection.



The diffuse feeling of spring tiredness, a phase in the year in which our organism has to adapt to other challenges - be it just that nature and we too want to wake up from hibernation and become active again - can be well buffered with the chewable tablet. You may need to take one or two additional tablets at the beginning of your intake to get a little more drive.