Complex connected circuits are regulating living organisms.
They sustain the equilibrium life needs. The circuits guaratee for the communiction bewteen the sensoric and the motoric parts all living beings consist of. 


This world is not complicated, only differs in facets. I want to tell you my own story, for I believe my life experiences have shaped my knowledge and run through it as part of a densely woven network. I hope this will be of interest to you and not at all boring.

This carpet of knowledge has been woven out of my experiences over many years and is full of colourful patterns in the most various shades. Some of them you may find incredibly beautiful, some alarmingly ugly, and others may seem very strange to you. That depends on how you see the world, what problems currently preoccupy you or how you feel at the time you pick up this site.

I am not writing a self-help guide but rather drawing the kind of map you can use to find your own bearings. These days we are constantly tugged back and forwards in a sea of different opinions and theories. The coordinates and the underlying frame of reference that allow us to make sense of what is said, written or claimed are becoming harder to decipher amidst all the white noise in front of us. On this site, I want to build a new frame of reference, to restore some degree of order and give people the security of being able to make decisions for themselves. The idea is to provide reassurance, reduce stress and ultimately create a sense of wellbeing. 

So let’s head off together into the field of inflammation; the kind of inflammation that essentially holds the entire body together. I will attempt to shed light on some clear paths through that impenetrable jungle – paths that you can maintain yourself to prevent the undergrowth from coming back overnight and robbing you of any sense of direction.

And I should point out that it is by no means my medical studies that qualify me to write the chapters on this site. Instead, it is a long path of ups and downs, of risk-taking and disappointments, of trial and error, that has opened the world to me in all its diversity. I have learnt to see life as a composition of experiments and experiences – a continual process of leaving old habits behind and setting off on new paths.

Before we embark on this journey together through the landscape of inflammation, I would like to express one key concern. Understanding the central importance of inflammation to our wellbeing and our experience of illness will make it easier for you to find a path through that dense forest of diagnoses, diagnostic theories and expert opinions, overlaid with all the white noise of the media.


To help you get your bearings in the jungle of information overload, I have put together a checklist for you to refer to on a regular basis – particularly in situations where you are dogged by fear, doubt and uncertainty.

It has really helped me to see my body through these new eyes.

All life follows the same rules. Yet each of us is an individual.

I have come up with six premises to illustrate my way of thinking. They form the basic framework of all the material contained on this site.


Premise 1

The body and the brain work as a unit, communicating intensively and constantly with each other in order to maintain balance. That communication is not a conscious process.


Premise 2

The body is a very complex entity. There is not a single relationship within the body that only runs in one direction, which means our old idea of cause and effect (the Newton way of thinking) does not apply to living organisms. All of the individual elements communicate with one another in a densely woven network. Our genes do not dictate things either. They also form an integral part of the communication processes.


Premise 3

When we drill down into the microcosm of the body, the boundaries between the various systems become blurred. Molecules we once firmly attributed to the nervous system suddenly belong to the immune system and hormonal or endocrine system too.


Premise 4

The molecules of the body are very malleable; they are not stable static forms. This malleability is the basis of their ability to engage in a host of different interactions. And herein lies the reason for the next premise.


Premise 5

The body only speaks one language. This means that every system can communicate with every other one. The distinctions made between the various systems are ones that science has conceived in order to be able to trace that very cause and effect process – which no longer exists. This explains why we often get no – or only unsatisfactory – answers to so many questions. 


Premise 6

For me the question "how" is far more essential than the question "why". The "Why Discourse" is mostly endless and rarely finds a conclusive ending. It depends on mindsets, viewpoints, perspectives - one name it. Even if there are answers, the question remains.