There are better options
than pharmaceuticals
to strengthen your immunity.

We consider us as very privileged by having a substance at hand that has the power to strengthen and balance your immunity. In times of virus infections Biestmilch (Colostrum) is an excellent choice to support the immune system to do a proper job in keeping you fit and healthy. 

Tiredness, weariness, lack of motivation, muscle pain, malaise, loss of appetite, headache, sleep disorders and sometimes fever are typical complaints of an acute viral infections. You feel physically and mentally fatigued. 


The BIEST BOOSTER with its 4000 mg of Biestmilch and 500 mg Guarana Extract is perfect food for intervention and prevention.

The BIEST BOOSTER EMERGENCY PACK is new in our shop. It is ideal for your medicine chest as the BOOSTER is a very good choice to quickly bolster your immunity and increase your stress resilience.


Biestmilch is definitely preventive due to its ability to modulate the inflammatory milieu of cells, and increase the robustness of the body’s balance. There are lots of studies giving evidence thereof.


The best ones are the flu study, the NSAID study or the leaky gut study. But also the many people who take Biestmilch during the cold season to avoid the epidemics of virus infections that move over the globe every year give Biestmilch a strong voice.

In times of social isolation don't get winded up in fear and a depressive mood.
Bright colors can cheer you up!

A good mood is important to stay fit and healthy.
Biestmilch can help you to cheer up!

Image of a virus, real or fantasy?

Yet another fantasy? Or real ... ?