Do you really feel well? 
Do I honestly ask myself how I am? Am I deluding myself?
We can only change if we are aware of the need for change
and have a true understanding of ourselves.

I have a long story of ruthlessly treating myself. Even though I should have known better due to my years of ballet dancing and my passion for dancing as such. It took me decades to re-discover how important it is to feel - and this is a whole body epxerience - oneself.
The examples underneath just want to give you little hints that helped me to increase the sensitivity for myself, body, soul, mind - you name it.


Your posture affects your mood. Stand up really straight and imagine your head is attached to a star in a distant galaxy. Smile. Whenever you feel yourself slumping, think of your star and pull yourself back into an upright position again. You will notice how your mood improves when you do this.


What does this have to do with inflammation?


Wellbeing and relaxation calm our stress system. The stress system regulates and controls the inflammation processes in the body, so the inflammation is contained again and the sense of wellbeing will be restored.

A brief guide to start with


At first I try and find a peaceful spot where I can reach down deep inside myself and listen to my body. My body feeling will then tell me what I have to do in order to make a fast and good recovery.
Feeling and correctly interpreting the signals the body sends make it possible to realize the signs of any impending crisis and intervene at an early stage to prevent any snowballing of the situation. Health is unfortunately not defined precisely. It is more an unrealistic, ideal condition, which is why we are all permanently searching for "the one key" to wellbeing.

Even when we are ill, we can reach a point where we feel well. For the sense of wellbeing comes from being in balance. Sadly, many people no doubt have trouble remembering when they last have felt really well.

Since everything in the body is connected and we, after all, are just a tiny stitch in the fabric of the universe, to pinpoint a single cause for our illness is impossible. This single cause simply does not exist. The mistake of focusing on cause and effect only takes us down the wrong path.

I have put together a few road signs for you, to give you some suggestions in your day-to-day life and help you avoid making that mistake. Having good bodily awareness helps you assess your own state of health and will save you many a visit to the doctor too.

To get into the mood: Are you happy with your life?


As far as we currently know, stress has the effect of impeding the natural inflammation regulators within the body. The zest for life has the potential to prevent the negative consequences of stress.
Answer the following question for yourself. The answer system counts up your stress and pleasure points and rates them. You will quickly see whether it is time to do something about it. Let's begin also.

Who does not want to feel, like the birds towards the sky?