It is a unique, natural product with the power and sustainability of colostrum and the caffeine extract guarana. It increases alertness, improves coordination and  on top of this it keeps you well.

Biestmilch strengthens your immunity and reduces your susceptibility to stress. The guarana flooding more slowly than coffee unfolds its waking effects over a period of about 6 hours.



4000 mg colostrum powder (low fat, reduced lactose, pasteurized), 500 mg guarana extract (contain 100 mg caffeine), Emdex® dextrates (non GMO), microcrystalline Cellulose, acacia, citric acid, Orange flavor, magnesium stearate.

Free of: gluten, soy, preservatives.


Take a BIEST BOOSTER if you have the feeling you need one, if fatigued without the chance to take a break instantly.


The strange couple drives from Abu Dhabi to Hatta, a desert drive of a total of about 500 km in quite brutal heat. This can definitely render you fairly sleepy. If you are not involved in a lively discussion, it can easily happen that your eyelids get heavy and your attention deviates from the street. 

Freeway trips have a similar effect. The monotony makes you tired and the eyelids may turn into eye slits. A dangerous situation.


The BIEST BOOSTER prevents such situations. It's perfect, so as not to lose focus.


For us in the wealthy Western countries, traveling became almost a routine. We cover tens of thousands of kilometers in a short and in the same moment endless time. For our organism, in which every cell, every organ follows its own 24-hour rhythm, these distances are by no means as easy to bridge as an airplane is able to do it for us. Either our watches limp behind or ahead of us. It is not only fatigue that torments us, appetite, digestion, sleep pattern, our spirit, our motivation and mood are out of balance. We, our organism, are simply confused and in disarray.


The BIEST BOOSTER helps us to get faster into the rhythm of the new time zone. It strengthens immunity, for which traveling is always a burden. And it also supports the balance our autonmous nervous system.


In any case, the BIEST BOOSTER helps us not to fall into the holiday trap and get sick. It also has a good share in keeping up our performance on business trips.


Nutrition in endurance sports has been dominated by carbohydrates for decades. Increasing or at least not losing weight are a consequence of this eating habit. In the technical chargon, the signs that the body shows are called ”slim fat” or one speaks of a “wheat belly”, which unfortunately many of us carry in front of us. The widespread stomach and intestinal problems in endurance sports are also related to this diet. The stress symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract are mostly due to the amounts of carbohydrates - sugars in specific - which endurance athletes ingest far too much.


We only partially know what the long-term consequences will be after athletes have consumed these excessive amounts of carbohydrates for years. In any case, type-2 diabetes is already a serious problem among athletes.


The BIEST BOOSTER helps you with saving carbohydrates and will help you to lose weight. It protects your stomach and intestines from the stress effects under strenuous exercises. You should also consider the long-term effects of carbonhydrate-rich diet much more often.

Grab a BIEST BOOSTER instead.


In endurance sports competitions, the body is primarily exposed to two critical conditions: Fatigue * and gastrointestinal complications. Both have serious ramifications for the outcome of  your race. The brain and the gut are connected by hard-wired nerve connections. The relationship between these two must be intact for well-being and performance. Stress factors endanger the harmonious coexistence of brain and gut.


The BIEST BOOSTER helps with its 4000 mg of colostrum and 500 mg of guarana to keep you awake and focused. Muscle activation and coordination are promoted and the communication between the brain and muscles as well.


BIESTMILCH has a stabilizing effect on the intestines during episodes of severe stress due to the fact that the cells get more stress and heat-resistant Fatigue occurs later or is less pronounced. These are good reasons to get the


BIEST BOOSTER intergated into your race nutrition.


* Fatigue here means the central or mental fatigue, defined from a physiological point of view.