If we regard Biestmilch as food, then it does what other good foodstuffs or food products so: prevent disease and keep us well and healthy.

If we regard Biestmilch as food, then it does what other good foodstuffs or food products so: prevent disease and keep us well and healthy. All foodstuffs, Biestmilch included, pass through the mucosal membranes in the mouth, stomach and intestines, where they interact with the huge immune system of the gastrointestinal tract, which acts as a kind of filtering system. All foodstuffs are suitably processed to enter the overall communication system of the body by means of active transport mechanisms. When that system works smoothly, we feel well.


When a preventative strategy is pursued to achieve a certain objective, this is called prophylaxis. In such cases it is seemingly easy to show proof of effectiveness, even if the causality of events is questionable. For instance, if you manage to escape the annual flu epidemic, you may well attribute this to the flu vaccine or the prophylactic action you have taken. Proof has been successfully shown.


Biestmilch is significantly superior to the flu shot as a form of oral immunization and has no side effects whatsoever. It is not only effective against a host of different flu viruses, but equally effective when it comes to preventing viral infections, because an intact immune system is the best defence and control mechanism for combatting viral infections.

Prevention with Biestmilch equals quality of life

Preventive effects are much harder to assess. As the future is always uncertain, we will never know what would have happened if we had gone down different paths in our past life. We now have empirical data from field studies of other cultures and societies that show how our lifestyle can influence life and death. We can look at our own statistics that now go back approx. 50 years and alarmingly prove how chronic diseases spread.


 This includes cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, tumours, allergies, multiple sclerosis, chronic inflammatory bowel disease – a list of diseases that do not necessarily have to be fatal, but do have an enormous influence on our quality of life.

Studies indicate that our lifestyle has much more influence on the course of our life than we previously assumed. Genetic predisposition is only one factor in how we live and die. What and how we eat can increase the probability of living a better and longer life and experiencing a less miserable death.


Biestmilch has the great potential to positively affect the quality of life and the process of aging by helping to prevent derailment of the inflammatory cell milieu and the development of chronic inflammatory conditions.